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Re: Forums not working in 1.2 for custom component

Ok, I found the reason and am not sure if it could possibly be a bug in bp 1.2, maybe someone more knowledgable could have a look?

Basically it was caused by the groups_add_forum_fields_sql, groups_add_forum_tables_sql and groups_add_forum_where_sql filters being applied to other components as well – which I think is not correct or at least I don’t see what sense it would make.

The code which looks wrong is on line 60 of bp-groups-filters.php:

if ( ( $bp->groups->current_group && ‘public’ == $bp->groups->current_group->status ) || !$bp->groups->current_group ) {

When removing the “!$bp->groups->current_group” (which looks wrong to me) part it works for my component. I first tried to remove the filters but somehow that did not work.

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