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Re: Friend request – wp-login redirects?

Active Citizenship


I have no ideas but I am getting the same type of problem with WP 3.0.1 BP1.2.5.2. When a new user is registered by the admin, via the “add user” option on the users page, an auto email is sent. When the new user clicks on the link they get redirected to wp-login.php. What make this a major problem is that they have not yet been assigned a password so there is no way for them to confirm their existing registration and no way for them to register themselves with the same email address until the first email registration expires (2 days i think).

This wasn’t happening to me at first with the same set up. The new user would enter the site. But I’m unsure if they couldn’t leave without being assigned an avatar and selecting a password?

What’s up with this redirect? Any solutions?

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