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Re: Great new version!! But New user email password “still” does not work : (



@ John – Wouldn’t it be easier to just remove the “PASSWORD” reference in the WPMU email signup options? It could be amended with “Please use password you created at time of sign up.”

@Mike – Ok if something is working correctly, then where does one begin to try and figure out the problem? There isn’t any option available to an admin to turn these emails off, only to manipulate what the email says. In that case I am assuming it is making a call to the database for the password which is somehow getting read wrong. But then again I am new enough to WPMU and BP not to know where to yet look to solve the issue.

I REALLY want to use BP and WPMU, but I am finding so many quirky things. Especially with the templates at WPMU DEV, what a waste of money that was.

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