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Re: Group Blog



Compatible version for 1.2 should be released on Friday, fingers crossed. Improvements mentioned by Boone are already in version 1.3.1 of the plugin.

As we move forward with this plugin we are definitely looking to post from the main page. Currently we have not yet experimented with it, but it is on our minds :)

You should be able to pull in whatever you like in to your group. Per definition what works within your blog should also work on your groupblog. All you need is the blog id that belongs to the group. If you look at the template files you’ll see how we set the blog id and use switch blog to change blog id’s.

Looking ahead we are even going further and reversing the concept of pulling in specific blog content into the group, but let the blog be the group and pull in buddypress information to the blog itself. The power of that approach is that you let groups have specific themes. The main group slug would just forward to the blog home page.

The groupblog plugin is still being maintained and under development!

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