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Re: Group Invite by Email

@angelfire4xx The ‘Invite anyone’ plugin was originally written to extend the default send group invites to other members but that only allowed sending invites to join a group to people already on your personal friends list, ‘Invite Anyone’ changed that so it was possible to access a full site member list to invite from. Boone then further extended the plugin to have the capability of emailing invites to people not yet members; thus the plucin is in effect two functions in one.

Both aspects of the plugin can be fully controlled, you can set the group invites to specific roles i.e admins only, then general members will not see the option available; likewise you can set the email invites to admins only and they will be the only ones to see the tabs navigation and screens.

All these options are in the setup screen in the dashboard it’s just a case of spending a little time with the options, configure them to your requirements and testing the results!

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