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Re: Group/Profile Layout



Greetings folks! Sorry to drag up an old topic. Please don’t shoot me. A few things for my first post:

1. Buddypress ROCKS. I wasted loads of time messing around with Elgg (fell for the hype). Buddypress is a million times better, straight out of the zip file.

2. I agree that the layout can be improved, but if you don’t customise your OpenSource site, it will look like everyone else’s, right?

3. Let me know if I am doing this right – I decided to change the layout of the user profile page. I went into wp-content/themes/bp-sn-parent/profile/index.php and just shifted relevant chunks of code around. Hardly difficult even for an amateur, and I’m pleased with the results. Is this the right way to go or are you supposed to do it some other way? Seems to me the final layout is hardcoded in this file, and this must be the place to mess around with the code.

4. If the above is right (remember I went through Elgg paaain, nothing there is as it seems) then any educated monkey can make his own theme or at least mangle the default into something he likes :) I would even have a go at it myself… who knows, one day I may become a household name…

5. Plugins… please, please, write plugins, fix the broken ones, make some cool ones like ‘how you’re connected’ and all that nonsense. Gallery. Ajax for posting to walls. Can’t we call it a wall and not a wire, ’cause my users are not alternative social networking freaks and don’t have a clue why it’s called wire. Buddypress is the future of opensource social networks, Elgg is for losers ;) Half the Elgg ‘plugins’ crash your site on activation, one made my PC have a nervous breakdown (running locally) and it’s slow and stupidly convoluted. If I could get my head round the way they work I’d write my own… but I can’t yet :)

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