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Re: Having trouble with user activation key email with BP MU site.



Thanks for your reply, I actuly tried something different last night and it worked out ok. I am using the “BP disable Activation” and in a menu I chose the option “User accounts may be registe4rd” Before I had it on “Both sites and user accounts can be registered.” And it was causing the mix up with the plug in on MU. Users would be able to type their password but with the blog activated, the system gave a new password (that people probably would not see, thinking the password was what they typed in) Then an email would send a notification with the activation link. The link would not work saying the error message with the activation key. However teh activation key was in the link to click but would not work when clicked. Sorry for the rambling just trying to make it clear what I did.

But now a user can register with out activation (which I think is nice, but no blog) But what I like is, that I can create a blog for a user and give them access by just putting their user email in the “ad site” for multi user and it shows up under their account.

I guess it could be nice if this could be a future feature maybe let people sign up with out a blog with an option in the email sent to create one or maybe a notifification to a new user in the admin bar or something. (it would help with sploggers)

Thanks again

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