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Re: Help, please: I don't understand Step Three

There have been dozens if not hundreds of posts on this issue due to the fact that this step requires – as I believe it does pretty clearly state – a basic knowledge of CSS/HTML and of how themes are structured and from that point on requires some manual work.

There comes a point where a little coding knowledge is required BP is not a simple application and the requirement to have it use a WP theme not a standard one jivany makes some vaild points about this earlier in the thread. That said it isn’t actually that difficult only requiring basic level knowledge and you do state I have a good understanding of CSS, and HTML but when it comes to PHP I am pretty much beat. a good knowledge is more than is required and as for PHP at this stage it isn’t really relevant.

In some of those posts you allude to there are further explanations of what needs doing , I know as I’ve responded to a few, but a basic pointer in the right direction is about all that can be given the rest is up to the individual, call it if you will the price of admission? Checking those threads carefully might help? Usually it’s only a case of comparing two files and ensuring that the structure matches i.e elements and names they are given page.php is a possible starting point to compare against one of the BP directory index files?

Please note this isn’t meaning to be unhelpful but to ask that members take this further is possibly asking too? much of them. An absolute and definitive guide to the template process is never going to be that easy to do as themes will vary and the steps required change accordingly.

Providing a zip file suggests you hope that someone will take the files and do the work for you this isn’t appropriate to expect of anyone, but maybe someone with time on their hands will, if not as suggested earlier in the thread you might need to hire someone for a few hours to do this for you?

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