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Re: How do I use an external version of bbPress with BuddyPress?

(can’t see the elance site – login required – so i don’t know what exactly the request is)

As @r-a-y mentioned – a theme’d “external” bbPress to match BuddyPress is how this current site works.

FWIW: BuddyPress wraps the “internal” bbPress and is pared-down down for group-only interaction. Even though you may see the fullset bbPress files and such (ie getting to the bb-admin via hacks, etc) many of those features/functions are disabled inside the BuddyPress context. Obviously making any sort of “backdoor” changes to the internal bbPress will not have any impact on the BuddyPress group forums. This includes adding new nongroup forums, categories, parents, bb-admin settings, etc…

In theory it is possible to display nongroup forums – just a plugin/component/themes files need to be built with that functionality.

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