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Re: How to attach photo or video in a post update on activity and member page?

@mercime sorry the mention of ‘very odd’ wasn’t meant as a criticism of BP Gallery, more that users will find that facility to upload from that point in the site slightly confusing – as has already been highlighted to me so it’s not my supposition at work here, however all it needs is some UI clarity which I’m happy to work in so that users are clear what features do without them having to find out by trial and error e.g on an icon you MUST always provide an alternative means to identify it as a link, and an image MUST have an ‘alt’ attribute this is proscribed and not optional as well one may also decide to add perhaps title attribute to the anchor.

But far more importantly the issue that the thread alludes to is not one of BP Gallerys making, BP gallery isn’t at fault here it was never supposed to provide the ability to add a simple image directly to ones updates, or was it? have I missed something really obvious here in it’s functionality?

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