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Re: How to attach photo or video in a post update on activity and member page?



@hnla – the only time the upload didn’t work for me fwas after I upgraded to WP 3.0 and it was my fault for not double-checking the necessary change in .htaccess was done, I just assumed it did :-) Needless to say that you wouldn’t have made that kind of error at all. What did @sbrajesh say about your situation? He has helped many others with their installs – even checking the servers and configurations.

Since BP Gallery has multiple file uploads with group albums as well as single user albums, the way he structured the plugin was the most logical way IMO. Personally, the bottom line for me is that as long as the plugin is working according to plan and the community members are happy with their user and group albums, so am I :-) I’m looking forward to the BP Gallery upgrade after BP 1.2.6 rolls out.

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