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Re: How-To integrate Buddypress into a Pre-Existing WordPress site?



I sorta get this, but here’s my concern. I’m using Hybrid Framework which needs to be the parent. I will make a child theme based on it. Ideally, I’d like to put the BP “stuff” in the child so upgrading Hybrid won’t screw up anything (Andy said something about this being an acceptable approach in another thread). Also, if/when Justin adds BP capabilities to Hybrid, I can just delete the BP functionality in the child.

If I do this, I probably need to take the functions/templates from BP parent and put them with WP child. I’m fine with this too (although painful on upgrade). My question is about where BP is looking for things. If it’s looking in the plugin folder and I have the files/functions in the WP child theme folder, will that work???

Before I go ripping out BP parent files and inserting them into WP child folder, I’d like to know.

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