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Re: How to use full name, first name + last name

Jeff Sayre


That is exactly what I want to avoid! Username is still at the top. I want to eliminate that impersonal username as much as possible.

I do understand this concept and your desire to achieve this type of setup. However, as I said in my previous post, WPMU is blog-centric, not user-centric. The username field is actually what WPMU stores in the “user_login” field of the wp_users table. Therefore, the way WPMU currently works, this datum is mandatory.

This particular request is a WPMU issue and has nothing to do with BuddyPress. I’m afraid there is nothing we can do here to help you, but I strongly encourage you to search the WPMU forums for a similar thread and post a new thread if you can’t find anything related.

At this time, your current options are limited to the ones discussed here.

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