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Re: IE destroys my custom home page

I’m afraid to say that the layout does not hold together in Opera either and this is a ‘Modern’ generation browser that supports Standrds and CSS very well.

Validating markup is key to many layout issues and even mod1 eyeballs.

Template Name: Custom Front Page
At the top of your index page is causing sgml parsers to void the DTD declaration you need to correct this error initially then look at how the layout stacks up, at the moment you are forcing browsers into ‘Quirks Mode’ each and every browsers will give you a different take on what it thinks is the correct rendering of the page.

There are other markup issues which you will need to address such as illegal nesting of elements; an anchor element may not contain Block level elements such as divs, and there is no proscribed manner in which browsers are meant to correct malformed markup, they make a best guess stab at things and clearly IE8 is struggling with that although it will suffer more than other browsers from being forced to render in quirks mode, it’s only a half decent browser when allowed to render in ‘Standards Mode’.

One last thing and please don’t take offense but that roaming toolbar thing is extremely irritating and if a client asked me to implement something like that I would simply and flatly refuse :)

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