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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test



I’m loving your plugin.

A few things I see when I tested it.

-The wildcard aren’t getting converted in the body of the email (including in the stable release too). It still shows:

You have been invited by %INVITERNAME% to join the community.

Visit %INVITERNAME%’s profile at %INVITERURL%.

The subject seems to be converting the wildcards just fine.

-The send invites button is showing on the group page even though the user isn’t a member of that group. So, it just feels odd to have it there. If you click through nothing errors, but it takes it to the profile without an invite for that group since of course you aren’t in that group.

-Would be nice to have the option to choose between the invite existing members and invite email. I imagine on some sites they’ll want to just invite by email and not existing members.

-The widget’s title saves and displays right, but in the Appearance–>Widgets the title field is empty even when you just saved it

-Something doesn’t feel right about the widget. Maybe needs to have “Email 1” or something in the text box and then have it disappear once they click on it.

-I’m not sure if widgets can recognize which group your on and automatically check the box for that group. Would be cool, but not worth spending a lot of cycles on.

-Might be worth making mention on the invites page that the email will include an opt out link. That way people sending the emails know what’s going to happen.

-A link to the settings page for the plugin, next to the deactivate button on the plugins page is always a nice touch too.

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