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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

Some good points, but remember that each of us has the power to shape BuddyPress; that is what is great about the larger WordPress community. I agree with hnla’s points about community leaders; I have clients, lots of twitter messages and emails from all sorts of people who keep asking where Andy Peatling’s gone to.

Without being disrespectful towards Automattic, the consequence of them having Andy work on other projects, such as, is that Andy has less time to work on BuddyPress. As Andy is very much the project leader and is the man with the vision, our community has slowed to some extent. This has caused some concerns, which is why we have this thread. This wouldn’t affect the WordPress project in the same way, because it’s a significantly more mature project and has many more contributors.

It’s worth considering that the current user base of BuddyPress may have reached a plateau at the moment, and that the lack of new users isn’t a sign of weakness in the product; the last big driver for activity was when BuddyPress became compatible with regular WordPress.

Finally, regarding active contributors on these forums; it seems to me that the more “active” forum contributors now earn some sort of money from BuddyPress or WordPress work, and that there just aren’t enough hours in a day to devote to work, clients, our own themes/plugins as well as helping on the forums.
From the perspective of a forum moderator, I can say that the team do take notice of people who do contribute in some way in the forums, and we all are very appreciative of everyone’s contributions.

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