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Re: Is bp dying a slow death?

Hugo Ashmore


@jjj it’s not simply about fixing bugs though.

Commitment is also a difficult subject and I’m in total sympathy with your plight vis a vis work commitments, I would love nothing more than to be able to devote 100% of my time to really getting to grips with BP but it aint going to happen, I have a tonne of commitments and have to try and maintain a business and earn a living at coding, BP is not something that I do as a service it does not earn me money, thus sadly cannot command a disproportionate amount of my working time, thus my personal route to BP zen mastery will be, by necessity, a slow one :(

Regardless of commitment ability there are still many of us that can return good advice and feedback based on prior experience and general knowledge and it’s there that we need to see the community firm up and genuine dialogue start to happen (Yes I note your point about Trac as a focal point for a lot of that)

As for comments such as “other neat things”, and “ redesign.” not sure how to respond to that other than – not really interested, likely will never get to one and am more concerned with BP right at this moment :) but as I said in an earlier comment I get the fact that Andy doesn’t have the luxury of total devotion to BP and I level no criticism for the fact that he has to deal with other Automattic projects as well.

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