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Re: Issue with Member Profiles Redirecting to Homepage

Andy Bailey


sorry @denisjanis, I didn’t see your reply. Look like you figured out overwriting the files with 1.2.41 works.

@Johnjamesjacoby, you’re right, I’m using a child theme. The default buddypress theme works fine.

I have the bp-follower plugin installed and using buddypress 1.25 breaks it. The menu items are still there but any notifications in the top menu bar getting clicked results in the redirect to homepage problem. It doesn’t happen with the default buddypress theme.

with buddypress 1.25 and my child theme, I can view no problem but trying anything after that wont, wont work or

I tried adding a die(‘some message’) in the child themes /members/single/activity.php file but it didn’t have an effect, I tried in various other files and still couldn’t get it to die with my message showing so maybe it’s a redirect or rewrite rule that has changed in 1.25 that isn’t compatible with a command in the child theme?

I will continue to use 1.241 for now but it would be nice to get to the bottom of it.

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