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Re: [New Plugin] BuddyPress Group Forum Extras

rich! @ etiviti


but it took a minute or two before the comment showed up and

shared host – so it will be a little slow – otherwise all the same activity posting code

I don’t see anything in my activity stream.

technically, since its a reply to an activity update (the new blog post) – you see it on your profile activity:

One of my main concerns is what happens to all my existing comments?

not sure yet – or even i want to go down that road of converting of blog comments into the activity stream (since this requires the activity update for the new_blog_post to begin with – so those would somehow have to be injected into the activity stream ) – i’ll start a new thread on the plugin this week and can discuss more

What about pings/tracebacks?

doesn’t look to be a problem – but that may go tandem with the issue above

Can the admin delete comments?

A recent comments widget would also be cool.

Sure on both – behaves the exact same as the activity stream.

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