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Re: Nothing appearing under “My Blogs”

@Michael: If you create a new database with a new name (don’t delete the old one) and then rename your wp-config.php file to wp-config-old-database.php and visit your site… WPMU will bring up the install screen again in order to create a new wp-config file that you can point to your fresh database. To go back to the old database… just swap your config files back (rename wp-config to wp-config-new-database and rename wp-config-old-database to wp-config). Point being… I wouldn’t mess with the database either. Not without a backup. So keep the old one on the server and for good measure… export a local a backup as well. And make local backups of those wp-config files too while you’re at it. Make a fresh database and then start importing just your content tables from the old to the new. I’m not sure if/when I’ll have a chance to debug this myself.

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