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Re: Photo Albums…. omfg!!



had to add my 2 cents..

photo albums are an integral part of most social networks – they were also a promised part of buddypress when it was announced, and given the features that were supposed to be available by 2009 is the reason we have spent so much time working with and testing BP.

While I think it is fine for people to develop and charge for premium plugins, I have found with several projects that a nightmare occurs when core code is updated and plugins are broken – many of the premium plugins developers do not update. Anyone who purchases premium plugins needs to be aware that they may not work in the future, this has hurt other projects in a big way. I vote that buddypress gets photo albums in the core, and as soon as possible.

[blockquote]”dozens of other applications that could be core to someone; event management, mailing lists, groupware, file sharing, paid membership levels, video galleries, group video editing, chat rooms, video conferencing, shopping cart, credit card payment bridge, mobile apps, geolocation”[/blockquote]

– I agree that many of these features are core to a social network in 2010 – If I was Automattic, I would have a developer on salary that worked full time to make sure plugins for these things did not break with future core updates – it’s essential for a stable future of social software in my humble opinion, this is one of the issues that crippled phpfox years ago.

Without some of these things that some people consider “extras” – buddypress is nothing more than a web 1.0 app that some geeks may enjoy, but essentially does nothing more than phpbb or phpnuke did years ago. Boonex’s Dolphin has photo albums, privacy, chat, and all of that – all core – and it still leaves room for premium plugin developers to create fancier flash gallery plugins, and others.

@John James Jacoby – I like your idea of charging for answered questions – that would make things better for those who answer and those who ask – very similar to a group-financing of plugins that get core support I had a couple years back.

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