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Re: Plugin Release: Group Activity Email Notifications

Hi there. Thanks for the feedback :)

1. That is correct, yes. I have a few plans to streamline this a bit/make it more user-friendly.

2. Something I’ve missed. I’ll add support for removing elements :)

3. “added something new to the group” is just what I chose as a general catch-all in the case of the plugin running into an activity type that it doesn’t recognise. Will make this more obvious and customisable.

4. That should indeed mean no delay. I’ll double-check this and update the wording.

5. Good point again. I originally made this with hardcoded support for my groupwiki plugin. I’ll get rid of this.

6. It isn’t at the moment but this is also on the list of things that i want to get in there asap. I’ll let you know as soon as I can get it sorted (shouldn’t be too hard as there isn’t *that* much text in there)

Thanks again. I’ll check out your site later today :)

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