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Re: privacy issues

Joss Winn


I’ve just posted this to the WPMU forums, but it’s just as relevant here: Regarding dsader’s more privacy options plugin…

“I’m testing this plugin on a WPMU 2.7 and BuddyPress (both from SVN) installation. It can turn BuddyPress into a private social network quite simply by making the main/first blog private. However, there’s one issue I can see:

the ../activity/feed RSS feed is private when the ‘main’ blog is private.

But, member’s activity feeds i.e. ../members/josswinn/activity/feed remains public.

Any way to fix this? I appreciate that the plugin wasn’t written to support BuddyPress, but it’s so close to working well on BuddyPress that it would be good to look at this and provide a way to create truely close BuddyPress networks.


I’ve since found that this is happening to me on a site installed in a sub-dir but not on an install using wildcard DNS/sub-domain. Can anyone verify this?

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