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Re: Ravatar (random / custom avatar) adaptation for Buddypress (extending bp_core_fetch_avatar)



Hey guys,

Just letting everyone know I’ve finally made progress on this: I now have custom avatars for Buddypress – the code needs tidying up, but its pretty much there. If all else fails then it reverts to the mysteryman. At the moment I’m trying to see if I can set a male/female setting, so when users sign up it can auto-generate dependent on their gender.

Should note it filters bp_core_fetch_avatar, so if someone uses a gravatar then it’ll show accordingly.

Anyone interested in this as a plugin? The theory is that I’m going to do various different graphics/styles so people can ultimately choose or design their own avatars “parts”. Might need someone look over my code though – its rough at best. I could also see this as quite a nice official implementation in the core as I’m sure designers would like to extend the avatar system.

Some screenshots:

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