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Re: Recommended Hosting for BuddyPress site?



just simple couple of questions… i have a shared host really cheap one with lunar pages…

I installed wpmu and realised that the subdomain function would work as i didn’t have access the Apache server and this means i cant ad the wildcard dns thingy.. so subdomains we out…

so i reinstaled using the sub directory… this worked fine..

i then tried to instal budypress with teh zip files.. as said in the readme…

with the blogs one it just gave a a parse syntax php ( or one of those php eror lines on a white page just saying something was wring on a line around 300 i forget exactely..) error that would not let me do

anything… so i deleted the blogs one and then it worked and i could ad a profile on the admin contol pannel but not on the splash page from register.. it first asked to creat a new blog then the profile so that didnt seem right..

questions.. does budy press work on sub directories and why was the blogs plugin not working..

i am trying to create a social site for spots or locations in kenya…


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