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Re: Recommended Hosting for BuddyPress site?

Jeremy Winter


I am on fused network and they definitely support wildcards. They are a bit pricey, starting at $9.95 a month, but are worth every penny. They truly guarantee 99% uptime.

In the last 6 months they have been flawless with only one month going below 99% uptime and when that did happen they offered a 1 month credit to all customers that were effected. I declined the offer on the grounds that there policy is almost unfair for them! I will gladly pay $10 month just too know that they truly follow their guarantees.

As far as tech support goes, they are the best I have found as well. I have submitted 5 tickets so far and everyone was answered right away. Plus none of those tickets was a problem on their end. It was usually me asking for domain setups up or adding wildcard mask for example.

Highly recommended (and I am not even part of their affiliate network!)

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