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Re: Removing Groups From Forums

@peterverkooijen; It’s all good, and once we’ve had a few ruffled feathers we can get down to sharing really useful ideas, eh? I don’t think you’re “wrong”, any more than I think I’m “right”. We probably see more the same way than not. As for BP as a project, sadly, it’s perhaps too late to go back to great design principles. A bit like a snowball rolling downhill. Most software projects are like that. Once started, you either roll with it or stop and admire the view. From where it’s easy to say, “Look at that damned thing, storming downhill like that!”

@alanchrishughes; No, heck no, I don’t work on BuddyPress and never have. The folks who do have obviously worked long and hard on it, and in their defence I should say that it’s all too easy to be critical about someone else’s work. If this were my software project it would never have got this far the way it is. However, it isn’t. I don’t have the time to commit to working on it, so I can only be an armchair critic. Frankly, no matter what your experience, shouting from an armchair has its limitations, and makes you no friends.

Regarding the forum/group options, I think BuddyPress needs remodelling and recoding, but that probably won’t happen – snowball downhill, etc. It should be really small in terms of code, with add-on modules for groups, forums, etc., as you wish to use them. As I said, have a user entity, then create modules and functions for users to, erm, use. It seems to me to have been designed back-asswards, but you know, what can I say..?

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