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Re: Replies disappear when I try to reply on Activity Stream page?

Roger Coathup



We’ve already suggested how your setup could be ‘messed up’ – perhaps you (or your developer?) have modified some of the core files?

I’d also be concerned about trying the theme built for of BuddyPress with version 1.2.3 of the core – they might work together, but the theme might also rely on some amends in core (I’m doubtful on this, but it’s possible)

Your other problems should really be posted as separate threads on the forum.

Quickly though: your error message comes from including two files that declare the same function – it could be a badly coded theme / modifications / setup you are using, it could also possibly be something corrupted in your database / install – given that you’ve been trying to upgrade then downgrade, I’d be concerned that this is the case . If you want further support on this one, post it as separate thread, and give a lot more information about your setup and where the problem is occurring.

My personal suggestion would be to revert your system to a backup taken before you attempted the recent changes.

If your theme is purchased from Incsub (, you should contact them for support directly on problems with the theme

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