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Re: SocialGo vs. BuddyPress



SG is a great platform initially when you want to start up a social network.

I have been with them for 3 months. Great software and easy to use but there are MANY limitaions. YOu don’t host anything yourself you you are reliant on their servers which as of late have been terrible. Lot’s of problems, slow page loads etc and issues with widgets not working.

They have just moved data centres so that should improve.

The biggest problem I have is not having access to the content my users create. the vaule of our sites is often user generated material such as forums.

Yes of course SG is secure but what happens if we build a network with a couple of thousand users. they may create thousands of posts which give our site value. Just say SG end up having problems with their servers or indeed don’t last out and aren’t in business down the line. All of our content is gone.

Also you are pretty much limited to their widgets for chat etc which are lacking.

Some good stuff to test out your niche market but I am looking at migrating to BuddyPress in th enext couple of months. I’m putting everything together now.

If you have any questions just ask


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