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Re: “Sorry, no members were found.”

Hi! Thanks for your replies!

Yes Paul, the problem still remains after the users log in. I have some test accounts, and after logging in each of those accounts, their activity does show up in the stream, but still on the members tab it shows no users. (this is the case for both the “existing users” and “new users” that I created after the switch.) When a new user registers, or an old user signs in for the first time, I do notice that the wp_bp_xprofile_data table updates to show the user added, however the “members” tab still shows “Sorry, no members were found.”

I looked at the filters Tom… good thought, but no luck. :-( Still shows no members with each of the filters selected.

I reinstalled BuddyPress and dropped all the old tables and pretty much started from scratch as far as BP is concerned this afternoon with a fresh install. Still having the same issue.

I am at a loss. Any other ideas out there?


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