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Re: Want to help accelerate the release of BuddyPress 1.3?

@erich73 very true, it’s been requested before and again now for all and any willing and capable members to start to run through that body of Trac tickets for 1.3, the more experienced might be able to provide fixes or even just set things off on the right track anything like that helps the core team, after that testing is one of the huge burdens that falls on any developer, the more we help in testing fixes the more time the core devs will have. I think that time is the biggest enemy for many of us which is why the more that can muck in the better. Ultimately the speed at which versions are released and the quality of those releases will be down to the wider community, if no one helps out then things will come together but a heck of a lot slower.

This next point is purely a personal feeling but I think it wouldn’t hurt to see a general slow down on plugin writing or feature extending in favour of a little more focus on the core app, but I realise it’s not really practical to expect plugin development to take a back seat and that there are plugins in development that people are crying out for :)

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