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Re: What necessary changes should be made to BP themes for BP 1.2.6

Thanks again Tammie for your valuable time , and helping me out …
and yes I was facing some problems :) , and I did an update to the blogs-mu theme and trying it out on a demo install … Thanks for your valuable suggestions :)
Now it seems to work ok except ….
now I am jumbled up with a single issue , and yet it became a nightmare … :D

After updating to buddypress 1.2.6 from , my site does not show admin bar for guest user(as admin is disabled for loggedout users) , instead inplace it shows a white space …

Logged in users can view the admin bar correctly , but non-loggedin users or guest users cannot see the admin bar , instead of the admin bar there is a white space in place … !!!

check this image, see in image, just below the address bar there is a white space , its the 25 px padding for the admin bar …
This started happening just after upgrading to bp 1.2.6 , (with and without updating blogs-mu theme)

if the admin bar visibility is turned on for loggedout users , the admin bar is displayed correctly , otherwise a white space of 25px…

It was not happening with bp , then it was fine.

Can you kindly help me out with this issue , Please tell me what needs to be done, I would be very greatful …

Thanks Tammie ….

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