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A few problems with Album+ on WordPress 3.0

  • Hello,

    i have installed your BP plugin because i wanted to let users put pictures on their on profiles, others to comment it and so on. I also wanted to be sure that administrator can delete the picture, comment activity regarding puting new picture etc.

    When i tested it i’ve experienced a few problems:
    1. When a user uploaded picture to his album, activity came up on the activity page. Activity contained also a thumbnail of the pic even if i selected that i don’t want a thumbnail to be shown.

    2. When i logged in as an administrator and deleted the activity suddenly possibility to comment the photo was disabled even if user said that others can comment his photo. Also a comment that was there before was also deleted. Deleting the activity deletes things connected to that photo?

    3. When i tried to delete the user’s photo it said that i don’t have permission to do this. Strange, because i am an administrator and should be able to do that.

    I have installed your plugin on WordPress 3.0 and BuddyPress 1.2.5.

    Here it says that your plugin is compatible up to wp 2.9.2. If this is causing the problem than can you tell me when will you post version of the plugin which is compatible with new WP? Or you can just tell me what to do to make all these things work.

    I hope that you will reply fast because i need a fast solution to this.

    Thanks in advance,

    Veljko Simovic

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  • Yea, i know about the issue tracker. I’ve posted it there since you centralized all issue handling on

    I’ve also added a reply with info about ver. you asked me to post so i hope that you will find solution for the problem fast.

    It would be great to post when you finish everything with database. At that moment we can finally install plugin with the database structure and then we can just add the code changea without loosing any data.





    We now have embedded videos working. See our activity stream:

    We’ll probably have a nightly build out in a few days.


    Hey mate, how far are you from final ver of Album+?

Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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