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A flaw in the plugin

  • mosesshohet


    First of all, let me open by saying that I LOVE THIS PLUGIN !!!!!

    There’s a little flaw I’d like to bring your attention to, on the way to advancing this plugin to perfection.

    When I set my notification in a certain group to “New Topics” (or it is set so automatically by default for me…) I will only receive notice of a new topic once it is created by someone else. I will not receive any notifications of activity in that certain topic, unless I get involved in it by posting a reply. Up until now everything is fine, but here comes the flaw …

    When I start a new topic in a group, then go to [group name]>forum and look at the list of topics in that group’s forum, I will see that the button next to topic I started says “Follow”, when I am actually already “Following” the topic (because I have created it…). So the button in this case should be offering the option of “Mute” instead.

    Here is the same issue but in different circumstances. Let’s say Some of my friends in the group starts a new topic, while my notification setting is set to “New Topic”. I will receive a singe notice by mail about the new topic having been started. And that’s as it should be. But Here’s the flaw: if I post a comment in that topic, I will be receiving notices by email from there on, right? right! But if I go to [group name]>forum to look at the list of topics in that group’s forum I’ll notice that the button beside that topic which my friend had started, and I replied in, says “Follow” instead of “Mute”, because since I replied I will be on “Follow” mode anyway, receiving notices by mail for any new posts in that topic. So here to it should say “Mute” instead of “Follow”.

    It would be nice if it is fixed in the upcoming release. Keep up the wonderful word my friend!


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  • Dwenaus


    thanks moses for pointing out the problem so clearly, it makes it so much easier to fix it.

    The follow/mute function is a throw back to an earlier version of the plugin so it could definitely use some lovin’. However I don’t think i’ll be able to get to this for a few weeks.

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