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A multi course project

  • voisin50


    Is this possible? Am looking to create an online school. There is already a government supported software (RTO) that is running the enrolment, grading and certification of the the students by management and teachers. The idea is that a student will enroll and in study a course, they will in a term be possibly enrolled in up to 4 subjects or components of the course. Each subject will have projects and units that will need to be covered. This can be done by the RTO software.

    What I ultimately want is this (RTO) to populate the courses and subjects with the relevant students and teachers automatically. So I could have one student enrolled into 4 possible subject and the same subject/classes running on different schedules.

    Is there a possible set up or configuration with WP, BuddyPress and ScholarPress to achieve this.
    Can subjects/classes be
    – duplicated,
    – users and contents deleted upon completion,
    Can Users (Students and Teachers) be participating in more than one subject/class. What strategy can be used to achieve that.

    – Can a common page display what courses a student/teacher are participating in.
    – Can a student have a common calendar for all subjects/classes?
    – Can a student have a common summary page for all subjects/classes?

    What is from the above achievable via BuddyPress and What is achievable via the ScholarPress application? I hope that I have been clear enough.
    Cheers in Advance

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  • Stas Su?cov


    Hi, please hire a consultant to get this kind of research.
    It’s funny that you are talking about making business but not willing to help people helping you.

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