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Achievement issues

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    First of all, I am a huge fan of achievements! The plugin and ofcourse of you Paul Gibbs, love your last name btw since I’m also a great NCIS fan ;)

    I think it’s awesome you took on this challenge, I could have never managed to build something this complex.

    Unfortunately with the combination I use for my website `` I’m having some troubled getting the achievements to work.

    I’m using the Elbee Elgee theme currently which has been completely css modified to fit my desires. I tested the plugin fully each and every function of it on this theme and on bp-default theme.

    There were just a few issues I ran into, first of all with the buddypress itself. The badly intergrated Forums, because it uses the wrong kind of bbpress wasn’t working with achievements. None of the create a topic, delete a topic, reply to a topic achievements were working on the sitewide forum.

    I also wanted to show the created topics from the sidewide forums in my members profile. Which wasn’t working because Buddypress was pulling only the topics of the group forums into the members directory.

    With a lot of struggling and fighting with Buddypress I managed to disable the discussion forum and voila, finally my bbpress 2.1.3 topic were magically implemented into my members directory. Now with the option of enabling group forums within bbpress I’m currently not using the Buddypress forums at all anymore. BUT now my achievements for the forums still aren’t working :( I can reply, create or delete topics and none of the achievements will activate. So that excludes all of the forum achievements. I can only imagine that everyone with sitewide forums on their buddypress will run into this problem.

    So then I got to the Site achievements, I wanted to create a story which would unlock a new part every time a user logs in. Which works perfectly fine for those who login with a wordpress user account. But since most of my users don’t…there was my next challenge. I am using the Social Login plugin from SocialRadius to give my members the oppertunity to login using their facebook, twitter or any other social media accounts. Because registering is really what most people hate doing, another account, another password to remember, signing up with facebook has become such a necessarily evil nowadays. But now my login achievement isn’t working for half of my members. And neither is the activation achievement, because there is no activation necesarry when people use their social logins.

    Luckily the rest of the achievements all work fine :) So all with all it’s a really great plugin just hope you can fix these small evils hehe.

    I also had a suggestion, which would be fun perhaps for the future. I think putting Quizzes/survey’s or polls on a site keeps activity higher. Most people love to do quizzes, So I have been looking into some of the WordPress Quiz Plugins and found 3 very good ones. WP Quiz and Survey, mTouch Quiz and WP Quiz.

    My favorite is the WP Quiz and Survey it’s well maintanced, has a great variety of options and it remembers the results of the members. Was just curious if perhaps in the future you could combine the powers of these two great plugins and somehow it could be possible for people to win certain achievements by doing quizzes. That would be a lot of fun right?

    Well hope to hear from ya soon,

    Your biggest fan!

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