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Achievement Unlocked notification permanently in notification bar

  • Hello First off loving the achievements , i have made over 300 unlockable achievements for our site! and its working well! But i do have an issue. In our buddypress admin bar notifications drop down , i get the “Achievement unlocked” notification, but even after i check my notifications and achievements it stays up int he notification bar and constantly says i have 1 new notification. Anyone have this issue and or know a resolution. i wouldn’t mind just turning off achievement notifications int he admin bar all together…

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  • Can you post a link to your site so we can see how it’s working? Thanks!

    yeah no problem, its a site in beta check it out here

    I haven’t checked Achievements on the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress yet; with that said, I’d be surprised if there was an issue clearing notifications. I thought I had fixed this in a previous build, but for now, try going into the actual achievement’s page, and see if that clears it.



    This never did get entirely fixed, at least on my site, Paul. As far as I can tell, it happens (on my site) only when more than one achievement has been unlocked before the notification is cleared.

    It may happen if another non-Achievements notification comes in before the achievement notification is cleared, but I can’t confirm that one.

    Vernon Fowler


    I’m also having this issue. I’m pretty sure it was existing when I was running BP 1.2.8, prior to upgrading to BP 1.2.9

    Still having the issue, its almost spreading like a virus lol my members were fine and now its slowly starting to effect others!

    When BP 1.5 is out, I will obviously be updating Achievements for compatibility then. I promise I’ll look at this, too :)



    Do you know when the budypress achievements plugin can be used with cubepoints and how?

    I’m not currently planning any integration with Cubepoints.



    Hey there Paul!… Your right in thinking that when you go to the main achievements directory it ‘clears’ the notification. However the link that get’s pulled into the notifcation in the header bar does not link to the achivements directory it links to the users unlocked achievements. So the user keeps on clicking the link over and over again trying to clear the notification.. I’m having a similar experience with my first user testing of “notifications” and achievements working together.

    Is there anyway of getting this page to clear the notifications as well? Specifically, the page displaying the users achievements,



    I’m a new user of this great plugin and I found this problem too. It’s not very hard to solve though. Here is an easy fix:
    Go to Achievement >> Includes >> achievements-notifications.php
    In this php file, from line 33 to line 45 you can find the following code:

    switch ( $action ) {
    case ‘new_achievement’:
    if ( 1 == $total_items ) {
    $achievements_template->achievement = new DPA_Achievement( array( ‘id’ => $item_id, ‘populate_extras’ => false ) );
    $text = sprintf( __( ‘Achievement unlocked: %s’, ‘dpa’ ), dpa_get_achievement_name() );
    $link = dpa_get_achievement_slug_permalink();
    unset( $achievements_template->achievement );

    } else {
    $text = __( ‘Achievements unlocked!’, ‘dpa’ );
    $link = bp_core_get_user_domain( $secondary_item_id ) . DPA_SLUG . ‘/’ . DPA_SLUG_MY_ACHIEVEMENTS;

    Basically the above code handles the notification. You just need to change that second $link (line:42) to ‘dpa_get_achievement_slug_permalink()’ . Then it should work.
    This may not be the best fix. I’d love to know if there is better way to go~

    Good catch. Yes, this will be needed if you put the ‘achievements’ page as a child page of another page.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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