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Achievement with Images

  • Hi ,

    It is possible to link the achievement with images, beside the avatar thumbnail?
    Example, if the user accomplish the required task, there is a small icon display beside the avatar.
    Or Maybe a reward which they could proudly display in the profile, visually.

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  • teebes


    Good thinking… It would be nice to display a certain amount of the most recent avatars within a users profile. Not sure if we need another image, though, as long as the sizing is in relation.

    Paul Gibbs


    Thanks for the feedback. The avatar is meant to be the image that is displayed around the site. I need to make it visible on the profile page and around other places, such as the forum. Don’t worry, this is on the to-do soon list ;)



    Might as well consider displaying it in the activity stream as well. Although, the idea of an ajax load of the achievements might be needed for the activity stream. So, you just say Achievements (3) and then when people click on it, it pops up a list of the achievements they’ve earned. Maybe even their point totals.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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