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Activation Redirect not working or nonexistent?

  • zonkD


    I’ve seen a few threads on this across the net but no solutions.

    1) User Registers
    2) User gets activation email and clicks.
    3) Link activates key and success, then refreshes a page asking for activation key.
    4) User is dumbfounded with a blinking wtf over their head, yellow exclamation points and a few exclamation marks.
    5) User gets flustered and leaves site, or sends an email that needs attention.

    It seems that success of activation the user could be redirected to the home site link easily.

    in the BP core template the activation seems to occur here:

    function bp_account_was_activated() {
    global $bp;

    $activation_complete = !empty( $bp->activation_complete ) ? $bp->activation_complete : false;

    return $activation_complete;

    function bp_registration_needs_activation() {
    return apply_filters( ‘bp_registration_needs_activation’, true );


    Can a redirect occur when the activation is complete to the homesite URL?

    I’m not a programmer just a fair copy and paste designer with a mild understanding of the syntax.

    Any help would be appreciated by many it seems.

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