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Activity on mobile theme

  • Buddypress 1.5.2
    I can’ t see activity stream with buddypress mobile in mobile site

    page blank

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  • have you found a solution? I have the same problem for all pages.



    ok, what you gotta do..

    go to wp-admin area, in the appearance section go to ‘menu’
    create a new menu and call it ‘mobile’.

    place your desired pages in the new menu by dragging them into the list like widgets, and make sure the ‘Activity’ page is in there, click save and it should pop up on the mobile under ‘menu’.

    If you want the Activity stream as your mobile ‘landing page’? go back to wp-admin area, click on settings, then ‘reading’, in your reading settings highlight the ‘static page’ radio button, and choose Activity from the page drop down down menu, save changes and your mobile front page will be the Activity stream!



    Also, make sure when you make your new mobile menu..
    under appearance – menu, there are two ‘theme locations’ settings.
    there are two drop down menus, make the ‘primary’ theme location – ‘site’, and your mobile menu ‘mobile’.

    Sorry about my question! It was (obviously) my error!

    I was made a serie of mistakes, and I return here to left my explanation here… it can be useful for anothers dummies :)

    1 – i though that the extension “buddypress mobile” only work in the bp pages. And all my posts and wp pages was excluded or managed with another mobile plugin. (i though it because when I try bp-mobile for the first time the home was blank, and i cant acces my wp content. So i keep both extensions actives… doing a bug! So I was definitely wrong, bp-mobile is very complet we don’t need another mobile plugin to show our content.

    2 – I took a little time to understand what is “create a new menu” (at ‘appearance’ list of parameters on dashboard) and associate it with a ‘mobile’ option in a popup menu. Now it is very easy. ;-)

    3 – I found a comment of the creator of this plugin suggesting to delete a file (bp-mobile/theme/home.php) to keep my posts fluxing on the home page… In fact i never understood why create a page bp-mobile without delete this file, I has just a static page blank on the start screen…

    4 – and after all… i have a problems with this forum. I haven’t notification when you post a reply to me… and when I found a solution, i could’t found where i made my comment easily… (when i click in my user activity i have a empty historic… the search can’t found my login name or words used on my question…)


    very thanks to you @pinhit and thanks to @modemlooper for this very complet plugin !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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