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Activity stream achievement avatars

  • The problem is this:

    If a user gets an achievement for doing something and they do it in the main blog, the avatar image link in the activity stream is correct, e.g.:


    If they complete the action in a different blog, then the avatar link is different, e.g.:


    I guess I could get around this by creating a cron job to copy all the files to all the blogs, but that seems a little like overkill…

    Is there somewhere in the plugin code that I can edit so that the link to the image will always be the first option no matter which blog the achievement was gained on?


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  • This shouldn’t be happening. Can you confirm which version you are using please?

    I’m using 2.0.5

    I thought the problem might be being caused by w3 total cache, so I disabled that completely, then created a new achievement, but the problem persists.

    Is there a way I could simply remove the image code from the actvity feed for the achievements? I know it’s a kludge but for now it would be great.

    I’m also using WP 3.0.5 (with the hotfix plugin – but I just disabled/enabled that with no effect).

    :( I thought I finally, finally, finally fixed this once and for all in the last version. I’ll take a look this weekend.

    damn, that sucks, sorry.

    I cheated for the time being and changed /includes/achievements-templatetags.php to leave out the activity stream avatar with:

    if(‘activitystream’ == $size){
    return “”;
    return apply_filters( ‘dpa_get_achievement_picture’, $url, $achievement_id, $picture_id, $grav_size, $style );
    around line 680 or so. I kind of like it like this :)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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