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Activity Stream Comments in Forum Posts

  • peeld


    Great plugin, I’m super bummed it’s not being updated/supported. Hopefully somebody here can answer my question anyway, such a shot in the dark….

    1) When viewing activity stream comments inside the forum, they’re just excerpted since BP 1.5, and the [read more] link doesn’t do anything

    2) is there another plugin that IS being supported for 1.5 that puts activity stream comments in the forum posts AND lets you expand them to more than the excerpt?

    3) is there another workaround I haven’t thought of?

    Thanks all,

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  • peeld


    PLEASE HELP ME WITH THESE ACTIVITY STREAM ISSUES…..I am pulling my hair out, this is such a huge fail in BP 1.5 functionality, I am so frustrated :(

    On, as well as home page, the [READ MORE] link at the bottom of activity replies to posts expands to reveal the full text of the response ONLY if the user has posted an update – if they are posting in reply to a forum topic, then on the activity feed the end of the excerpt just has […] and that doesn’t link to anything but SHOULD, as it used to. How to hack/fix?


    the [READ MORE] link at the bottom of activity feed replies to posts doesn’t do ANYthing.
    I have the group forums extras plugin installed in order to show activity replies below forum posts in a threaded view. It all worked just dandy before the BP 1.5 upgrade.

    How can I hack/edit to get this functionality back? I am really really frustrated and am getting to the point where I’d PAY to have this fixed….


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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