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Activity Stream Hashtags working – one edit, need testers

  • After playing around with the plugin for hours, I came to the conclusion that when the tag is being saved as a link, it needed the updated function `$bp->activity->slug` to `bp_get_activity_root_slug()`

    I first tried changing all instances though that didn’t work – dont ask me why or how but changing only the first instance ( line 24 ) gets it working and I have yet to run into any further problems.

    If we could run it though some test and see if any futher complications come up..

    Here’s the amended code – download the plugin and replace bp-activity-hashtags.php with the following:

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  • Edit: It’s got something to do with the group tags – gtags-results is where it returns “Results for tag: example”.. maybe something in my theme, will check and report back..

    Well i found the first prob, when you return the tag results ( http://localhost/beta/activity/tag/example – the tag being #example ), it messes with the buddypress groups widget.

    The widget will display, “Results for tag: example”.. That’s beyond my scope, a temp solution is to create a separate sidebar for the tag results page..

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