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Add menu/link item to Group admin bar upon Group creation?

  • Quint


    I posted this question under GroupBlog because it is the first step in what I would like to do.

    Intent: I would like the Group Admin when creating a group, to be provided with an additional link/menu item on his/her admin bar; for example, “Profile Form”. When selecting “Profile Form”, either a Gravity Form or Formidable Pro form is presented, the admin completes and submits. Eventually that submitted data will be displayed on another page (the GroupBlog page) but that’s not important now. One step at a time. :-)

    Desired assistance: Could someone point me toward how I would go about adding this generic link to the group admin bar?

    Thanks much.

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  • Boone Gorges


    See, especially the edit_screen(), create_screen(), and corresponding “save” methods. If you don’t want to have a public tab associated with the extension, set $this->enable_nav_item to false.



    @boonegorges, thanks Boone! By reviewing your CUNY Announcements plugin and the group extension api, I was able to build my very first plugin. Miracle! :-)

    Then I thought why not add another group tab. So, duplicated the original plugin, changed a few names, and tried to activate. That didn’t work. Eventually, I realized I needed to give the extension a different name. Sweet! Progress.

    So, I have the two additional tabs. When I click on the first one (in admin), what’s on that tab shows up (the name of the slug in this case, et al). When I click on the other newly created tab, the other tab disappears from both the main nav menu and the admin menu. What setting should I change to ensure both remain visible in the main nav and admin nav? Also, is there a way to specify the position of each nav menu item?

    Thanks a lot, Boone, especially since I didn’t wake up this morning thinking, “Today is the day you’re going to ‘write’ your very first plugin.” ;-)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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