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Add new role?

  • Snaky Love


    Hi, this is a very useful plugin – this kind of functionality should be implemented into the core of buddypress!
    I have a question: is it possible to add new roles? Thanks!

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  • You may need to explain your requirement for nuprn1 his plugin starts of by creating an array of all the roles capabilities so would asume that all requirements would be covered (but haven’t looked that deeply)

    Snaky Love


    OK, so I am trying to understand, how this plugin works. As I see things now, it “hijacks” the capability upload_files (in my install it uses this as default) and attaches to this the ability to create a group – so this is very tricky, but wouldn´t it be better if there was a new capability create_group ??? Also there might be some other buddypress related actions and permissions that will fit very good into new capabilites.
    I see there are some member and group management plugins, currently I am checking Role Scoper plugin, however I do not understand atm how buddypress groups and permissions are integrated or can be manipulated with this plugin. I wish there was more in depth documentation how buddypress realizes group permissions.
    Groups and permissions are a central feature of every social software, so it should be tightly integrated into the core and easily understandable and accessible by users and admins, because problems with permissions will be problems with privacy of your users.
    Ok so my question: how can I create a group “Guru” or “Tutor” with a clear definition of what is allowed or not allowed within buddypress?
    Thanks again for your attention!

    You can create whatever wp_role/caps you want, assign it to users, and then define the level in this plugin to allow group creation. What this plugin does is re-creates the group_creation_steps within BuddyPress and checks if that user (who is trying to create a group) has the wp_role/cap you defined in the plugin settings.

    BuddyPress does not use wp_roles/caps internally (all members are default subscribers level). The “Group Admin” and “Group Mod” are just simple flags within the groups_members table which allow editing and moderating with the group (ie, group settings, editing forum topics/posts, etc)

    Snaky Love


    Thank you very much for your quick answer!!! Very important info!
    Ok, I will take a look at your code and try to better understand what happens behind the curtains.
    Have a nice day!

    Vernon Fowler


    An old plugin but a good one. My only query is: how easy / hard is it to allow BuddyPress “Group Admin” and / or “Group Moderator” to create groups? This would be extremely useful rather than all the other options of WP roles or any other criteria.

    Take a look at bp_user_can_create_groups() in BuddyPress 1.5; there are filters and an option to control if group creation is allowed.



    @djpaul I was very happy to see this feature as I’m testing BP 1.5.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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