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Add Username & Password to welcome emails..?

  • schteev


    Hi.. anyone know how i add the users login details to the welcome email?

    My website requires them to wait for a membership card (for local discounts) before we activate their account.. so I don’t send out the activation link in the email
    I manually activate later on when they have their discount card.

    Sooo many people are forgetting their username, as I don’t activate account straight away.

    I saw some short codes for the link to the login page – is there a shortcode for username / pass?
    Many thanks

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  • I want to include the username in the email too. I search everywhere but don’t find a solution…


    I want to include the username in the email too. I search everywhere but don’t find a solution…





    I need to provide the new user with their Username and Password as well. Is there a snippet that needs to be added to the email? Also is there list of the various snippet options anywhere? I haven’t been able to locate them yet.

    Welcome Pack doesn’t support this sort of token replacement (yet?), sorry.

    David Hunt


    Hi Paul,

    It’s a great plugin and has added a lot of value to my BuddyPress installation. Many thanks for the hard word.

    Like some of the people above, I’d also like to add the user’s username to the Activation email. (People sometimes keep them to refer to if they forget their username.) Is there any chance this sort of token replacement is available? Or failing that, do you know how to add it to the footer of the email, through hacking the email template code itself?



    Paul Gibbs


    I don’t know if it works on the activation email, but put this word in the email text: USERNAME

    If it doesn’t work on the activation, then it’s not possible right now.

    David Hunt


    Unfortunately that didn’t work. Thanks for the reply though Paul.

    David Hunt


    It seems a bit weird that there’s no function I can call in the email template that will echo the targeted user’s username.

    David Hunt


    I was able to add the username to the activation email with this snippet:

    `<?php if ($user = bp_get_signup_username_value()) echo '

    Your username: ‘.$user.’

    ‘; ?>`

    We perform the `if` check because `bp_get_signup_username_value()` is only non-empty during signup, so you don’t want to be echoing it in general emails.



    Hi, Need a solution too. Please post any trix on this. Searching for a year to get the username in the signup mail. I will hack the wp core files if ness. Working with a children test project, don need to update wordpress.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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