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Address Search and Location not working

  • rbercume


    Hey guys, when editing the Geo Settings for a user profile, the address text field and search button is dead. The installation and backend seem to be just find. Anyone had a similar issue.

    We are running current version of WP, BP and all plugins.

    Site is

    We would so appreciate any help.

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  • Yes, it appears the previous version of gPress has some missing files – this should have been rectified with version of gPress, please upgrade and report back to let us know…

    Brandon Jackson


    Yes, it looks like the latest update fixed that bug. Now when I try to click the “Save” button, only a small portion of the button along the bottom edge is clickable. I checked it out in Firebug and I don’t see any elements that could be obstructing it. Anyone else notice this?



    awesome, upgrading now and will get right back.



    Mark, thanks so much, it is functional now. In Chrome though, like Brandon pointed out, the button is questionable and buggy. Looks like a CSS issue??? In any case, thank you so very much for being the “man” and for your help. This project is very important, this is a big part. We are speaking at Temple U for WordCamp Philly, and want to have our best suit on. ; )

    Glad things are starting to work out for everyone.

    @brandonscottjackson – is the button bug you are facing also only in Chrome?

    @ronbercume – Is the Chrome button bug only happening on a specific page / form, or is it happening on all the gPress submit buttons…?

    As for any WordCamp coverage you can give us, we’d be eternally grateful – as I’m stuck in Malaysia with far from enough pennies saved to be able to get over to the states and take part in the fun! :-(

    Thanks again for all the support and encouragement, please keep feedback and community participation as active as possible, for it will surely help the project and future of geo-tagging with WordPress become a reality…



    Hi Mark, I totally am going to devote a segement on GPress and how we are using, and hopefully sooner than use for member maps by country, state, ie. embedding and create pages with embedded maps. Sent you a blog reply on the matter, look forward to you thoughts, but know I am all over anything we can give back to you for putting out such great technology. ; )

    The button in questions is:

    member profile > Settings > Geo-settings > right below the map, ie. “save changes”

    Both chrome and FF current releases, have not tested in IE yet as it make me want to thow up just clicking the icon. ; )

    Also Mark, we are putting a call out to WP Dev to sponsor our BP project. Curious if you would like to talk via email about how we can take a life-long relationship further. We will be pluggin big time into the US Business community, sure it could be mutually beneficial. Let me know of your thoughts.


    Seem the submit problem was just a CSS issue, which I have resolved.

    Have just uploaded gPress – so please re-test with that and confirm…

    I read your blog comment and would like to thank you for all the support and encouragement.

    Donations are always welcomed:

    Will email you directly to continue the conversations privately…



    Hey Mark, just upgraded, before that, the site header wa spitting out a nasty PHP error, taking the entire site down.

    [20-Aug-2010 09:58:42] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_action() in /home/ilwad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gpress/gpress-admin/fieldtypes/4sq.php on line 182

    Have you seen this before? Just upgraded and seems to be just fine now

    Just to confirm, are you saying that there is a problem still, or that everything is now fixed and I can close this topic? I do remember a similar problem being mentioned elsewhere and assumed it had been resolved, but unless someone can re-confirm if this problem still exists or not, I will be closing this topic soon…



    @msmalley still a problem, I created its own forum post for it.

    Mark Smalley


    Have replied in the other forum post and will be closing this one as its no longer related to the topic title…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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