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Admin access for moderators

  • FredTech


    We are running buddypress with bp-moderation on a secondary wordpress blog, and want to allow some users or “moderators” (for example those assigned the role as “editor” or “contributor” on the blog) to be able to log into wp-admin and moderate flagged contents.

    However, the entire buddypress admin module (where moderation is a sub-element) is hidden unless one is assigned the role as superadmin for the entire blog network.

    Is there a way to open up the moderation admin page (/blogname/wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-moderation) for users with a certain role? Or – even better – let some users moderate content without having to use wp-admin at all?

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  • josh101





    +1 :D
    this is one of the features I’d most like to implement but I don’t have lot of time for dev’ing right now so I have no ETA



    This would indeed be a GREAT feature. Who do I need to pay to get this done ? :-)



    You could try paying my uni professors to make me pass my exams, so I could stop studing and work on this :) (joking…of course)

    Most of my time goes to the studies because I’m taking degree this year and I still have to catch up with past exams… yesterday I had time to work on 0.1.4 only because it was national holiday in Italy.

    I’d like to have more time to work on bp but it’s hard to find it, if someone would like to contribute on bp-moderation I’ll sure be available.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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