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After Update: Docs lost connection to groups

  • t-reuter


    Hey there,

    I updated WordPress and BuddyPress and the PlugIn “BuddyPress Docs” Version 1.1.25 was still working fine.

    But when I updated to newest version 1.5.1 I realized, that all my created Docs lost their connection to the groups I created them in. So they are not associated with anything, you can just view them via “All Docs” and the column “group” is just empty.
    I edited one Doc and associated it to its group, but its very complicated and takes a lot of time..
    Is there an option to connect all of my Docs to the group again? And I only want to show the Docs in the connected group, no where else. Is that possible automatically to all Docs?!
    Or do I have to edit every single Doc manually and associate them to their group?

    Hope you have any ideas, because I have more then 150 Docs associated to 50 different groups..

    Thanks a lot,

    P.S: WordPress Version: 3.6.1 / BuddyPress: 1.8.1 / Updated Plugin “BuddyPress Docs” from Version 1.1.25 to 1.5.1

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  • You’ve gone an updated this plugin in a massive leap you were using a very young version and there have been some 24 releases in between that and the latest. With buddypress docs there was a massive re-write that occurred so I would expect a fair few issues, first thing is to read through the chanelog:

    As for specifics on what you need to do that might be better asked of plugin author, personally I’ve only used the plugin a few times so not sure what you need to do to correct the problem.

    If you haven’t I would read through the plugins support forum threads, if nothing matches ask a question there:

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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