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Ajax issue

  • Geet Jacobs


    I noticed that when you submit a review it refreshes the page instead of ajax submit, which is an issue since if someone writes a long review and submits it without adding a star rating the whole review they wrote gets lost.

    I tracked it down to the input buttons ID being “whats-new-submit” Looking in the default Buddypress theme they are using “aw-whats-new-submit”.

    When I change the input in the plugin to “aw-whats-new-submit” firebug throws up a error message that says: POST http://SITEURLHERE/wp-load.php 403 (Forbidden)

    anyone run into this and know a fix?

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  • 4ella


    I have the same problem on my website, many people lost their reviews (I use a reviews as a blacklist so I force the people to use it a lot) and after losing it they never come back to write it and submit it (this time with stars) again:-( , the review don’t need to be very long to get lost it, if you forget rate the star , all written review is lost, no way back, I wish if the people forgetting rate the star(s) instead of losing their reviews would get some message “please don’t forget to rate the review clicking on the star(s)” and continue rating the star and clicking on submit



    I have added both comments as the issue on , issue URL :



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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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